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Parts Management System - Let Us Be The Solution!

Powered access rental companies are constantly faced with the pressure to deliver reliable and safe equipment to site, on time, and within budget.

The team at IPS recognise and understand these issues, and consequently offer a number of parts solutions dedicated to ease this pressure, reduce downtime and comply with safe working practices.

The IPS Parts Management System

IPS designed the Parts Management System in 2007, specifically to facilitate the stocking and management of fast moving parts for access rental companies within their depot network. IPS conducts a fleet profile, to identify which fast-moving parts are critical to that individual business. This carefully tailored inventory is stored on-site at the rental depots, and each part is assigned a unique identifying picture and record card for ease of identification, as well as min/max stocking levels.

The simplicity of the System allows for faster identification of parts and instant accessibility to stock, reducing unnecessary downtime and expenditure. IPS’s fleet of mobile sales vans monitor and replenish stocking levels at each location, guaranteeing that a healthy stock volume is maintained at all times.

Spend and Stock Level Reporting

As part of the Parts Management System, IPS provides detailed reports designed to monitor stock orders, identify common parts and analyse expenditure per depot. At any given time, the customer can gain a snap shot of their spend and stock levels. Stock rotations at each depot are monitored, and if the report identifies slow moving stock, it is removed and replaced with current, fast moving stock....its a win, win!

We help our customer's reduce waste, and unnecessary expenditure by removing surplus parts stock.

We work with you, to help you!

IPS understand that our customer's rental company fleets change, and evolve over time - kit gets sold, or scrapped and new equipment is purchased - thats why we offer flexible solutions to suit our customers!

The Parts Management System allows rental companies to react quickly and efficiently in supporting their fleets. Fleet portfolios and parts purchasing behaviours are monitored on a regular basis and recommendations are made for future parts stock, based on historical purchasing and expenditure.

Again, the customer benefits through cost-savings on carriage and we deliver value through the elimination of surplus stock and reduction in waste.

We make it easy for our customers - we'll look after the purchasing, sourcing and delivery of fast moving parts within your operations!


For more details on our parts or to check stock availability, please call our parts team on 0845 108 4000 or +44 (0)1952 607660 or email Alternatively, let us call you back!


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