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Genie Z-60/37 FE

Lifting Mechanism Articulated Boom
Chassis type Bi-energy Self propelled


With a working height of 20m, and available as either an all-electric boom Z-60/37 DC, or fuel electric hybrid Z-60/37 FE, these Genie booms easily rival the traditional diesel powered boom. With a 1.52m jib, they provide lifting versatility with a combination of up, out and over positioning capabilities making them ideal for a range of outdoor and indoor applications.

Fitted with all terrain tyres, foam-filled on the FE and non-marking tyres on the DC model, the Genie Z-60/37 DC & Z-60/37 FE can move easily from indoor to outdoor jobs and comes fitted with 4-wheel AC electric motor coupled with a small diesel engine. The Genie Z-60/37 FE recharges to 80% in 4 hours with an onboard generator.

These 'greener' models offer a lower cost of operation compared to its diesel equivalent and can be used in challenging environments where the demand for low noise and clean performance is required.

The Genie Fast Mast boom system allows operators to quickly return to working height after descending to retrieve materials.



Max. working height (m) 20.2
Max. horizontal outreach (m) 11.2
Lift capacity (SWL) (kg) 227
Power source Battery
Travel width (m) 2.44
Weight (kg) 7,756

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