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Aldercote VZX180

Lifting Mechanism Telescopic Boom
Chassis type Vehicle mounted


The largest machine in the Aldercote range, the VZX180 takes 18m van-mounted booms to a new level in terms of payload, outreach and lift capacity.

It provides 11m of maximum horizontal outreach, with automatic outreach optimisation based on real-time load in the platform; and a safe working load of up to 200kg.

Mounted on a 5.2t Iveco Daily chassis, the Aldercote VZX180 van mounted platform offers more than 1,000kg of spare payload, after factoring in two occupants and a full tank of fuel. The innovative turret and pedestal configuration - unique to Aldercote - creates additional storage space in the cargo area, while also improving access for service and maintenance. The emergency lowering controls are also now installed inside the van, instead of on the roof, improving health and safety for service engineers and operators.

Additional options include remote fault diagnosis and access control / monitoring via modem.


Max. working height (m) 18.0
Max. horizontal outreach (m) 11.0
Lift capacity (SWL) (kg) 200
Power source Power Take Off
Travel width (m) 2.54
Weight (kg) 5,200

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