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Aldercote VZ130P

Lifting Mechanism Telescopic Boom
Chassis type Vehicle mounted


A game changer in van-mounted booms, the Aldercote VZ130P delivers market-leading performance in key areas such as payload, outreach and lift capacity. Features on the VZ130P include automatic outreach optimisation based on the load in the platform, safe working load of up to 230kg, and the option of remote fault diagnosis and access control / monitoring via modem.

Horizontal outreach is an impressive 8.3m, while the 110˚ fly boom enables precise positioning of the platform. Mounted on the popular 3.5t Ford Transit, the Aldercote VZ130P can be driven by anyone with a standard UK licence. The unique turret and tripod pedestal configuration creates much more space in the rear of the vehicle, while the lighter weight steel boom vastly increases payload compared to other van mounts. The VZ130P offers up to 300kg of carrying capacity, even after accounting for two occupants and a full tank of fuel.

This innovative design also makes it safer and easier to access the emergency lowering function and the machine’s hydraulics – both are now conveniently located inside the van rather than on the roof.


Max. working height (m) 13.0
Max. horizontal outreach (m) 8.3
Lift capacity (SWL) (kg) 230
Power source Power Take Off
Travel width (m) 2.42
Weight (kg) 3,500

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