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Ommelift 4200RJ

Lifting Mechanism Telescopic Boom
Chassis type RT Diesel with levelling


With a massive working height of 42m, the Ommelift 4200RJ is the tallest telescopic boom in the Ommelift range. Compact dimensions allow access into tight areas with the height of 2.01 m and length of 8.90 m. The detachable basket makes it possible to reduce the length even further. 

The Omme Lift 4200 RBDJ is designed to traverse hilly terrain but the crawler chassis  also disperses the machine’s weight of only 6805 kg widely when travelling on delicate surfaces like pavements, lawns, marble or similar. This machine is great with applications where high and extensive reach is required but low weight a necessity! 


Max. working height (m) 42.0
Max. horizontal outreach (m) 15.2
Lift capacity (SWL) (kg) 200
Power source Battery / Diesel
Travel width (m) 1.35
Weight (kg) 6,805

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