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Genie SX-105 XC 4WD

Lifting Mechanism Telescopic Boom
Chassis type RT Diesel Self propelled


Telescopic booms offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platform — perfect for areas with limited access in construction and industrial applications. The Genie SX-105 XC 4WD booms are also designed for productivity with the traction and drive speed you need to get around the job site and to the work area.

A revolutionary patented system automatically senses the terrain and adjusts the axle position based on ground conditions. Positive traction drive maintains equal power to all drive wheels, even if one wheel loses traction in the mud, snow or sand. Four wheel drive options make it easy to drive up loading ramps for transport.

The Genie SX-105 XC 4WD has a 360° continuous rotation turntable which rotates full circle for quick and flexible positioning. Minimal tail swing allows you to manoeuvre in tight work spaces. Exceptional horizontal outreach and a rotating, self-levelling platform allow precise positioning exactly where you need to work.



Max. working height (m) 34.0
Max. horizontal outreach (m) 24.4
Lift capacity (SWL) (kg) 454
Power source Diesel
Travel width (m) 2.49
Weight (kg) 19,300

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