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Access Platform Sales is the UK authorised dealer for Ommelift tracked and trailer spider boom lifts. High quality, high performance tracked boom platforms for the most demanding applications. 



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With working heights up to 42m and the ability to pass through openings of under 1.2m wide, the Ommelift range is perfect for challenging internal maintenance tasks in atriums as well as rugged rough terrain jobs such as tree trimming.

Scandinavian build quality, simple and robust operating systems and high quality components throughout ensure a long working life and excellent resale values.

About Ommelift

Ommelift A/S is one of Northern Europe’s leading manufacturers of tracked mounted booms (also known as spider lifts). All machines are produced at its 18,000sq m facility in Denmark, which employs around 100 people. The award-winning company exports 85% of production output, with dealers and sales agents representing Ommelift worldwide.

Ommelift A/S is a third generation family-run company, which traces its roots back to 1906 and has been producing aerial lifts since 1980 – and spider lifts since 2000. Its products are synonymous with high quality, reliability and longevity. It manufactures 10 crawler mounted booms that offer maximum working heights ranging from 17.5m to 42m.

Tracked spider lifts have a narrow width and low travel height for passing through interior doorways; tracks instead of wheels to distribute their weight; and fold-down outriggers to stabilise the machines, so they can still reach significant heights from a compact footprint.

Mounted on crawler chassis, these lightweight booms can traverse steep gradients and even be set up for operation on slopes – something a conventional rough terrain boom cannot achieve. With an overall low weight, they can be lifted by cranes into multi-storey buildings; while the tracks ensure the weight is evenly distributed on sensitive flooring.

With very compact stowed dimensions, Ommelift booms can pass easily through most doorways, allowing quick access for indoor work. They are particularly popular in shopping centres, museums and other public or commercial buildings with high atriums. In these environments, the tracks come in very handy as they don’t mark or damage expensive wooden, stone or marble floors.

All Ommelift track mounted booms utilise a “true hybrid” diesel and battery power pack delivering the full advantages of a bi-energy machine. Engine power is available where constant performance is required, while full battery capacity can be used for operation in areas where air or noise pollution is prohibited or closely regulated. An on-board generator automatically recharges the battery pack whenever the diesel engine is in use. And crucially, using a battery instead of plugging into a mains power supply avoids the common “voltage drop” problem.

When operating on mains single phase AC - even using a relatively short extension cord – machines can suffer a voltage drop which prevents a sufficient voltage level to make the lift travel or work satisfactorily, if at all. Ommelift’s true hybrid system circumvents this problem.

Ommelift also produces a range of 12 high quality trailer-mounted booms. Lightweight and with compact transport dimensions, these towable booms are highly cost-effective and versatile machines for contractors. Ommelift articulated trailer-mounts provide superb “up-and-over” access, ideal for reaching over obstacles such as walls and fences. Ommelift also manufactures a popular range of telescopic trailer booms, which provide increased reach while retaining the  key advantages of low towing weight and compact stowed length.

Access Platform Sales (APS) expertly sources new Ommelift powered access platforms and used trailer mounted lifts to ensure that you benefit from competitive pricing. All of our customers are supported by the IAPS Group’s comprehensive after-sales offering, which includes UK nationwide mobile service and spare parts vans, backed up with our own workshops and replacement parts warehouse.

Check out our YouTube channel for some great videos of the Ommelift products in action:

Click here to watch the Ommelift 2750 RXBDJ in action:

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