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Hinowa Mini-dumpers

Access Platform Sales is the authorised UK dealer for Hinowa’s range of tracked materials handling equipment

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If you have the challenge of moving materials around difficult sites, they offer a fast and efficient solution. Hinowa’s long experience in the design and manufacture of tracked undercarriages together with robust construction make these machines reliable, and with a performance and durability far beyond what might be expected from their compact dimensions. 

Download our Hinowa Tracked Mini-Dumpers Family Brochure


Hinowa Tracked Mini-dumpers

A wide choice of power options, chassis features and lifting mechanisms means there is a Hinowa dumper to meet most applications. Petrol, diesel and even battery power means the right drive system to suit the operating environment while high-tipping and self-loading bucket options tackle skip loading and lift-and-shift tasks in addition to simple site transport. Many machines will pass a single width gateway or door, while optional hydraulic track widening increases stability on cross-slopes.


NEW IN STOCK >> Hinowa HS1103 Tracked Mini-Dumper with 180° Slew Bucket

With its robust crawler design and 14kW (20HP) three-cylinder Kubota engine, the HS1103 offers low fuel consumption and durability with a top speed of 5km/h. The HS1103 is a stand-on, diesel-powered, 0.52m³ capacity dumper, and at just under 1m wide offers easy access to narrow or restricted areas. With its 180° slew bucket the HS1103 is ideal for construction sites with its 1000kg maximum capacity and quick unloading of materials. 


Hinowa HS701

Designed to comfortably pass through a garden gateway or standard door at just 758mm wide, the preliminary specifications include a 7kW (9.4HP) Kubota engine, two-speed gearbox, and a top speed of 3.8km/h. The HS701 is a stand-on, diesel-powered, 0.29m³ capacity dumper with a mast-type high-tip feature, enabling it to load skips up to 1.35m high with a load capacity of 550kg. With strong customer demand for a machine with this specification Hinowa sent the first prototype HS701 to the UK with expectations to deliver the first production models in September.

Now available with a choice of Honda Petrol engines:

  • 9HP with manual start
  • 13HP with electric start and heat exchanger for more intensive use


Designed for use on difficult ground conditions, the TX2500 TraXporter has a top speed of 12km/h (7.5mph) and a powerful Kubota V2203-EU1 4-cylinder 35.9kW (48.8hp) diesel engine. The rubber tracks of the TX2500 TraXporter utilise two fixed and four floating rollers, for a powerful and smooth traction. The Hinowa TX2500 TraXporter has a swivel skip which can be operated at the same time as the vehicle is in motion. It also has a 180° rotating seat and controls, so the operator can always face in the direction of travel. The dumper can carry 2,500kg and is rated for 1.49m³. Typical applications of the Hinowa TX2500 TraXporter include horticulture, landscaping, agriculture, construction and estates management.

See it in action! Watch our video of the TX2500 TraXporter


Hinowa HS400

Ultra-compact walk-behind tracked dumper just 680mm wide and perfect for tight sites such a residential gardens and inside buildings. Powered by a manual pull start Honda petrol engine, the HS400 has a 450kg lift capacity and can be specified with a construction-type bucket or agricultural drop-side load bed

Tough, compact and cost-effective, the 850kg capacity stand-on HS850 comes with a manual start Honda petrol engine and fixed or hydraulically extending track width. Load beds can be standard construction-style 0.34 m3 dumper with or without self-loading feature or agricultural style drop side with or without tipping mechanism. 

Highly versatile, fully featured yet cost-effective the 1100 kg capacity HS1100 stand-on minidumper gives all the options anyone could need to tailor the machine to their specific requirements. Manual start or electric start Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel engines (Kubota 2-cylinder electric start on HS1102), fixed or hydraulically-widening tracks, oscillating undercarriage for extra traction and ride comfort and a high-speed drive option with automatic transmission are all possible. Multiple material handling options are also available including 0.34 m3 or 0.44 m3 construction-style dumper bucket with or without self-loading and high-tip device, or agricultural style drop side with or without tipping mechanism. Other specialist options include a self-loading concrete mixer for maximum versatility.



 For more demo videos of our equipment click here 


Hinowa Tracked Forklifts

Hinowa’s range of ‘Green Mammoth’ tracked forklifts make light work of unloading and transporting materials across soft or uneven terrain including gravel, sand, mud and snow. Built to the same high standard as the HS and HP minidumper ranges and utilising the same well proven and high performance tracked chassis, Hinowa’s forklift are designed for long life in tough site conditions. Various accessories are available for even greater versatility including a levelling blade, spool holder, lighting tower, crane boom and pole carrier.

Hinowa TP1600

Featuring a 13hp electric start Honda petrol engine, 2-speed gearbox and tracks which widen hydraulically from 1240 to 1800mm for extra stability on cross-slopes and to accommodate the load between the tracks at ground level, TP1600 can lift up to 1600kg to a height of 1775mm. 

Very similar to TP1600 but with greater lift capacity and a fixed width chassis, the TP1800 can lift 1600kg to a height of 1775mm, and has a width of1740mm. The standard model features a 13hp electric start Honda petrol engine and 2-speed gearbox.

The highest capacity tracked forklift in the Hinowa range, the TP2000 can carry a 2000kg load,and raise it to a height of 377mm. With a fixed chassis of 1740mm width the TP2000 features a 13hp manual start Honda petrol engine and 2-speed gearbox, and is primarily designed for moving heavy pallets of materials around soft or uneven / sloping sites.


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