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Finance Solutions

Creative finance solutions, with you in mind

At Access Platform Sales, we understand the need to make the best use of your cash and credit lines for other important areas of your business, so we’ve set out to make the acquisition of your work platforms as simple and painless as possible!

Our finance solutions can help preserve your resources, improve your capital position and allow for better cash-flow planning. Long-established relationships with several major asset funding providers, together with our own financial strength allow us to find a way of providing the equipment that suits your specific needs ....and we'll always go the extra mile.

We offer finance solutions on both new and used access platforms, including:

  • Hire Purchase

A deposit and VAT on the full purchase price is payable up front, with the balance spread over typically 36 – 60 months. You own the machine outright at the end of the period

  • Lease Purchase

Similar to Hire Purchase but a ‘balloon’ payment is made at the end of the period. This reduces the monthly outlay but you still finally have ownership

  • Operating Lease

Payments are spread over 36 to 60 months but initial outlay is much reduced – only 3 x the monthly payment plus VAT on that amount (not the total purchase price) is initially payable. At the end of the term the machine is handed back so you do not have ownership

  • Contract Hire

The best choice if you want to fix your monthly operating costs and have no initial outlay. Over a 36 to 60 month term you pay a fixed monthly amount which covers the provision of the machine, all servicing, LOLER inspections and breakdown costs. At the end of the term, return the machine for a new one or extend the rental to suit your requirements.

  • Rent-to-Buy

If you know you have need for a machine for a fixed period of at least six months, but are not sure if you will need it afterwards, this is a great solution to minimize your risk. We can negotiate a monthly rental rate for the fixed period, then either you return the machine or purchase it at a significant discount from the original selling price.


For more details, or to arrange a discussion to find out the best solution for your individual situation, please call us on 0845 108 4000 or email Alternatively, let us call you back!

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