Genie material lifts can provide a boost to productivity for a wide range of contractors.

Born of the need for workers to quickly and safely position a load overhead, material lifts and hoists are ideal tools to replace the heavy lifting previously done by hand.

All material lifts are designed to do the same thing – allow an operator to lift, move and position heavy loads – but they are not created equal. Buying the right material lift or hoist to best suit your needs can be simple, but only if you have the right information.

Here at APS, an authorised Genie distributor in the UK, we have decades of experience in supplying Genie material lifts. The APS sales team offers friendly, expert advice to ensure that you get the perfect product, delivering the best possible return on investment.

Kim Williams, senior market analyst for Genie Industries, said: “Material lifts can be used in thousands of applications in hundreds of industries. One person can transport, set up and operate the majority of material lifts, so they save companies a lot of money on manual labour costs, and jobs get done more quickly.

“In today’s market, there is a lift for every load. Customers can choose from a variety of options to configure the exact material lift for their worksite.”

Genie material lifts can lift anywhere from 136kg - 454kg (300lbs - 1,000lbs), depending on the model, and to heights ranging from 1.5m - 7.9m (5ft – 26ft). Common applications for material lifts include shipping/receiving; moving office equipment; transporting appliances; HVAC and electrical installation and repair; installing ceiling/wall appliances; stocking shelves and order picking; truck loading/unloading; indoor and outdoor facility maintenance; handling cement bags; lifting and moving automotive parts; record storage and retrieval; and lifting lighting, sound systems and scenery.

These portable lift platforms are designed to work in most construction and industrial workspaces, including manufacturing and warehouse facilities, but they are also popular in retail and grocery stores, schools and universities, and for home improvement projects, as well as theatrical productions and entertainment events.

One of the first options to choose for a material lift is the base. Genie offers three different bases: standard, straddle and counterweight. The standard base is the most compact design. The straddle base offers adjustable base legs to straddle loads or fixed objects. The counterweight base has extra stabilisers to provide additional support. Standard and straddle base material lifts come with rear non-marking tyres and front-swivel non-marking casters to prevent marking or damaging floors. Counterweight models are designed with rear-swivel casters and fixed front wheels.

The next option to consider for is a manually-operated one or two speed winch. Genie also offers an electric winch system option to lift and lower loads faster. Other convenience options include built-in stair gliders above the rear tyres for easy handling over stairs and curbs. Another accessory to consider is an attached aluminium ladder to access lifting and installation tasks.

Contact APS to find out more about our extensive range of Genie material lifts and hoists, including the Genie Lift, Genie Hoist, Genie Super Lift Advantage, and the Genie Super Lift Contractor. APS also offers a wide range of used Genie material lifts and refurbished Genie machines.